Thank you for visiting Prosecco & Palm Trees! I’m a Florida mom with an Italian heart.  I love the physical beauty of Italy, but I identify so much  created Prosecco & PalmTrees, where I share my love of style, family, travel, Florida, all things Italian, and most importantly, being a mom to my toddler son.  It took my husband and I over 5 years of IVF treatments to become a family of three, which makes each moment with our boy even sweeter.  Whether I’m surrounded by palm trees in my back yard, or vacationing in a far away place, I’m always at home with my family by my side.

As a child my parents instilled in me an independent spirit, and from a young age I traveled with them often. I would grab my camera to capture the history and sights of the exciting new places we would visit.  I was always a stubborn girl, so it was natural that I became a marathon runner, competing in the Boston Marathon by the age of 22, and finishing my most recent marathon only three months after the birth of my son, Maxwell.  After graduating from Penn State , a did a brief stint as a character performer at Walt Disney World, finished up law school, and moved back to Florida where I eventually met my husband Matt.

We live with our son in Winter Garden, a historic citrus town in Central Florida which is going through an exciting rebirth. After a long journey, I’m blessed to be a mommy to my baby boy, and each day when he wakes up still feels like Christmas morning to me – even those really early ones!   In-house lawyer by day, slowly but surely I am learning how to manage this crazy work life balance, and have a renewed focus on finding those things that make life special and most fulfilling.

I created this blog as a place to share my passions in life, and I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I enjoy sharing them!

Welcome to Prosecco & Palmtrees…