World’s longest tummy bug gone, and our little bug is everywhere!

While my father in law was visiting us in Florida from Wisconsin a few weeks ago, the plan was that my we were all going to take our dude Max to the Packers game in Jacksonville, but our little bug came down with the world's most horrid tummy bug.  My friend at work said her … Continue reading World’s longest tummy bug gone, and our little bug is everywhere!

Discovering Street Art

We went on our first family vacation to Italy last summer with our 8 month old Max, so I started the trip with a pretty limited agenda. Somehow we are lucky enough to have the world's happiest baby who was completely content that first day being pushed over the bumpy cobblestones in the Florentine streets, observing hustle and bustle of the tourists, vendors … Continue reading Discovering Street Art

This is why I run

As I was packing for a business trip earlier this week, my running shoes were automatically thrown in my overnight bag.  I have been a runner for nearly 25 years, and running has seen me through good and bad times and helped shape the person I am today.  Like an old friend, my relationship with running may … Continue reading This is why I run

Goat Cheese Cigars with Honey and Thyme

I am by no means gifted in the gastronomy department, and my husband is a wizard in the kitchen, so I'm the backup chef my my house. Being a full time working mom doesn't help in the time department either. That being said, those times when I decide to cook, I try to step up … Continue reading Goat Cheese Cigars with Honey and Thyme

Juice Cleanse

Leading into Labor Day weekend, my husband and I wrapped up another a 3-day juice cleanse. Although some people who have never tried a juice cleanse may think we are crazy, it's honestly not that hard. I mean, I definitely want to eat food while doing it from time to time, but your body totally adjusts and … Continue reading Juice Cleanse

Traveling with Baby

Traveling has always been one of my passions, and when I got pregnant I was determined that having a baby wouldn't stop me from doing what I love. Having a little one may slow you down a tad, with a bit of planning and a can-do attitude, I promise you can do it too! In a … Continue reading Traveling with Baby