A New Year 🌿

As we spent this New Years Eve afternoon with my parents in downtown Winter Garden, and I stumbled upon this sign in that spoke to me. Through the ups of downs of infertility for 5 years, I often wondered when we would be parents, but I knew somehow, someway that we would. This year I … Continue reading A New Year 🌿

Christmas and the Apple

Currently sitting in my driveway in our parked SUV with Max taking in the last few minutes of his afternoon nap in his car seat, this mommy is using this time as a breather for a few moments, and turning her attention to her much neglected blog. The end of the year is hectic for … Continue reading Christmas and the Apple

As Long as I Have You

With the end of the new year rapidly approaching, I sitting by the fire with a glass of wine on my back porch and reflecting on how much I learned this first year as a new mom. My best friends are mommies that are at home with their babies and kiddos during the day, as well as … Continue reading As Long as I Have You