Lake Como 101

Quite simply, Lake Como is my favorite place on earth. There is no way words can capture the breathtaking moment when you drive over the pass and gaze down at the sun sparkling off the lake like glitter, gently highlighting an ethereal mist hovering over the valley. You lose count of the warm hued stucco and … Continue reading Lake Como 101

My Little Dirt Kid

Somehow overnight Max no longer seems like a baby in any sense of the word.  He's saying more and more words every day, happily pointing to his "nooooooooose" in the middle of his cute smooshy face and spouting off the usual "no" and "mine" for good measure.  No worries though, the little baby hugs and … Continue reading My Little Dirt Kid

Daddy’s Tennis Clinic 🎾 (McEnroe is my Spirit Animal)

I got my husband tickets to a tennis pro series that was coming through town shortly after the new year as part of his Christmas present a few months ago. Matt grew up playing tennis, and it's a sport that he still loves watching and playing today. Part of the package  included a practice session actually … Continue reading Daddy’s Tennis Clinic 🎾 (McEnroe is my Spirit Animal)