Weekly Look | Blushing

Blush is one of my favorite colors of the year, and I found this steal for only $12 at Forever 21!  I love a good maxi dress to  dress up or down from day to night.   Anything that's sleeveless is perfect for these hot Florida summers, plus the slits in the side make it even … Continue reading Weekly Look | Blushing

This Momma’s Drama – Baby’s First Haircut 

We finally did it. Maxwell got his very first haircut. Matt and I would go back and forth as to whether Max should get his hair cut, with each one of us changing our mind at different times.  At one point I think Matt was set on Max growing his hair long like a little … Continue reading This Momma’s Drama – Baby’s First Haircut 

Weekly Look | Feeling Breezy 

We spent last weekend at the beach catching up with old friends, and chasing our kiddos around in the sand. I wore this Gap hat the entire weekend to keep the sun from my face.  It's flexible and packs super well. It's always fun to get all dolled up after a day playing in the … Continue reading Weekly Look | Feeling Breezy 

My Laundry Room’s Magnolia Makeover

I’m so happy to present our pretty new laundry room that we build with our own hands, and well, technically my dad’s hands too because he helped us hang the cabinets. It has been a labor of love and has taken some time to pull together, but it was pretty simple to execute even for … Continue reading My Laundry Room’s Magnolia Makeover

Weekly Look | Vintage Beach Vibes

My sister and I are trying to come up with some ideas for a girls trip later this year.  Maybe Italy? I'd love a chance to sneak back to the Amalfi Coast for some lounging under colorful beach umbrellas on the shores of the Mediterranean.  Or something a bit closer like Cuba? Wherever we end … Continue reading Weekly Look | Vintage Beach Vibes

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 🌱

Last weekend we took Max to the beautiful Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. We are Florida Resident Annual Pass holders, so I try to go each year to check it out. The grounds at Epcot are always pristine, but the flowers and displays are just stunning, with pods of flowers floating in the reflecting pools. … Continue reading Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 🌱

Weekly Look | Wine Romper

Loving this easy going roper from Anthropologie. A few weeks ago Maxy zonked when we were on our way home from an outing, so I made a pit stop at Mall of Millenia where this momma had two glorious hours to wander around Mall of Millenia and try on clothes.  (Yes, I brought that stroller right … Continue reading Weekly Look | Wine Romper

Planning your first trip to Italy

If you are starting to plan your first trip to Italy,  you'll be spending lots of time daydreaming about which cities to visit and where to stay.     Whether you want to visit the romantic Amalfi Coast, Tuscan countryside, Italian lakes, or ancient ruins of Rome, Italy has it all.  As your travel dates get closer, you may … Continue reading Planning your first trip to Italy