This Momma’s Drama – Baby’s First Haircut 

We finally did it.

Maxwell got his very first haircut.

Matt and I would go back and forth as to whether Max should get his hair cut, with each one of us changing our mind at different times.  At one point I think Matt was set on Max growing his hair long like a little surfer baby dude, and I was on board most days.  He was my baby dude and I loved his shaggy baby-do.

(For details on his outfit from Gap, including shoes, click Here.)

But then it started getting hot outside, and the poor dude looked hot and sweaty and I wasn’t ready to try to throw a baby man bun on his head just yet.  It probably shouldn’t be such a monumental thing, but thinking about those soft curls dusting his neck made me sad in lots of ways.  I’m so excited to see Max trying new things and becoming this amazing little kid, but it is a sure sign that he’s leaving the realm of baby things and transitioning into a full blown little boy.  Those little curls were on his head when he was still in my belly, and knowing they would be gone felt like a loss somehow.

But the fact is that we live in Florida.  It is already in the 90’s most days, and the humidity is coming on strong.  I have long hair and know how bunchy and icky it feels having all that around your face and on your back in the summer here.

And the reality is that Max is growing up whether or not we cut his hair, and it was finally time.

Some people take their kiddos to Disney for their first haircut.  there is a barber shop on the front left side of when you enter Main Street USA that does a special “Baby’s First Haircut” full of lots of fanfare and a pair of mouse ears to boot.   While I’m a Disney nut, I couldn’t imagine anyone but my dear friend Arnie Owens doing Max’s first haircut.  We’ve been friends for well over a decade and he always does the best job on my hair, so I knew he would make my boy look as handsome as ever.


Arnie met us at the door and visited with Max for a little bit before we got started, and then we were off.



I plopped down on the chair with Max on my lap, we put the Secret Life of Pets on the I phone and propped it up on the mirror in front of Max and he was still as could be.  I absolutely loved the end result.

I’m pretty sure Mr. Max was pretty happy with the end result (and momma saved a few of curls to keep in the baby book).

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