Naughty and Nice. What guys really have on their holiday wish list…

My dad is pretty easy to shop for, but my husband is another story.  I struggle every year trying to figure out the perfect list, wracking my brain for hours.  Eventually I resort to asking one of his friends to give me the scoop.


So this year, I decided to go get advice from the experts (men) to see what my husband and all of the men in your life are really hoping for this holiday season.  I generally asked men between the ages of 25-50 what gifts they might be hoping to receive.  To make things a little more fun, I’ve divided the lists up into 3 separate categories.

     The first, what is your dream gift, sky is the limit, no expenses spared?

     Name one gift you would like, around $100 or less.

     What would gift would you like that costs little to nothing?

Wondering what the guys in your life are hoping for this holiday season?  Check out my some of the responses below.  Some were funny, others were sweet, and some a little out there, but all super insightful.  I’ve included links to some of the items just in case something looks like a definite possibility.

Check it out!

Category 1

Dream Gift, Sky is the Limit, no expense spared!

(Dream on boys, but I like your thinking.)

     “65 Mustang GT”

“Custom Kiton Suit”

“Airstream trailer and new truck to pull it to every national park”

“Can I say $20,000,000 in cash (why stop there my friend?)”

“A new motorcycle”

     “Drone camera combo”

“Vacation to a private island with a chef to do all the cooking.”

“Dinner at French Laundry

“Boys weekend getaway.  Hotel, fishing guide, golf package, with nothing to do but enjoy.”

“A cruise around the world for a year.”

     “1981 DeLorean DMC-12”

“A private jet or a chauffer”

     “Nanawall doors for house”

“New Car”

     “Hobie Mirage Pro Angler Pedal 14 Kayak”

     “Devialet Gold Phontom Speaker”

“Trip on the Orient Express”

     “New mid-century modern couch”

“Round of golf at Augusta National”

“All expense paid trip to St. Bart’s with my wife.  First class all the way.” (um, awwww…)

“Private concert with my favorite band”

Category 2

Name one gift you would like,

$100 or less

(Lots of these gifts can still be found online, and are still available before Christmas!)

     “Fitbit Flex 2”

     “A hotel room for a night at the beach” (Think gift card.)

     “The book Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss ”

     “Bluetooth headphone buds for snowboarding”

     “Fishing rod”

“Gift certificate to TopGolf”

“One year subscription to The Economist magazine”

     “Comfy hammock for the back yard (and quiet time to nap in it)”

     “Jo Malone Cologne.  Best in the business.” (Full disclosure, the larger size is over $100, but the travel size is still a steal!)

“Gift certificate for the a massage at the spa.”

“A nice bottle of Bourbon.”  Pappy Van Winkle’s is a little over $100, but worth the splurge, or check out Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon for around $50.  Not sure of his favorite, you can’t go wrong with a new set of glasses.

“Well made, warm and fuzzy flannel shirt.”  Try tried and true classics at LL Bean.

     “Amazon Echo”

     “Matte black flatware”

“New socks (every day and dress socks)”

     “T shirt with moto logo.”


Category 3

What would gift would you like that costs little to nothing?

(Admittedly, a lot of these melted my heart guys…)

“Hiking with friends in a new place.”

“Deep sea fishing.”

“Junk food tour: Going around one afternoon and getting my favorite cheat foods”

“A day where my older child isn’t trying to murder my younger child”

“Watching football with my dad and brother.”

“Day of golf with friends.”

“Time away for a guys diving trip.”


“Hiking Mt. Washington.”

“Day of doing nothing but baking dog treats and hanging out with the dog.”

“Day of swimming, hiking and kayaking.”

“A week away from everything: work, technology, etc.”

“A full day with the bros.  Golf in the morning.  Lunch.  Poker in the afternoon.  Dinner at a good steak house, and finish up the evening with a couple of rounds of darts.”

“Time with my son and dad.”

“A day in the Sierras hiking.”

“Put me in an incubator and let me sleep.”

“Movie night with the family.”

I’ll summarize the leading response by generally saying, romance in the bedroom.

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