Spring in Pennsylvania

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to think of ideas for our summer vacation. But sometimes, the best trips can just be going home.

Late this spring I took Max to my parents house in central Pennsylvania. My parents have lived in the same house since well before I was born, so I was most excited to sleep in my childhood bed, getting some Sheetz coffee, and to smell the spring blooms. Max was most excited about going to watch choo choo trains with Pap Pap.

Luckily we got to do all of the above.

Max was a champ on the plane, and I dare say I’ve gotten pretty good at wrangling him on my own when traveling. He was so exited to watch all the hubbub at the airport, and kept busy with his kiddie Kindle on the plane.

The first morning being home I took a walk through the misty morning around my parents yard, out into their orchard, taking lots of photos of all of the fresh blossoms.

Off to Grandma’s House

In the afternoon, we went to my grandma’s house for a visit before driving to go see my aunt for a bit. My grandma is 94, living in the same house since the early 70s. Her house is still pristine, and not much has changed over the years, so I am quickly transported back to my childhood when I go there.  I remember the lasagna dinners at Easter and how amazing her Italian dressing tasted in the wooden bowls. Some places just make you feel like home…

Pap Pap’s Cabin

We spent the next morning at my dad’s cabin. He built it by hand over the years near the top of a mountain, slowly expanding it to include bridges over the streams, a playground, running showers, and fireplaces. It is a beautiful spot, and Max loved exploring every inch.

Choo Choo Trains

The highlight of the trip for Max was finding a special place to spot trains with Mee Ma and Pap Pap. My grandparents met while working in a railroad shop in the 1940s, so it’s sort of fitting Maxwell loves his choo choos so much.  Pap Pap has always loved them too, so its a passion they share already, even at his young age.

Bedford Springs Resort

For our last dinner we ate at my parents favorite spots – the Bedford Springs Resort. It’s gorgeous inside and out, plus it’s a National Historic Landmark and is part of the Historical Hotels of America. The resort was initially built because of the nearby mineral springs, and folks have been visiting here for over 200 years (including 13 US Presidents who have stayed there).

Family friends helped saved many of the historic pieces from the hotel when it was closed for nearly two decades in the 1980s, and they later donated those items back to be showcased in the resort following its reopening in 2004. It was fun to watch Max discover the resort, even if he was running amuck most of the time. (Plus I am obsessed with the gorgeous bathroom and the badass pool.)

Before I knew it, our quick trip to Pennsylvania was over. (And luckily we spotted a horse and buggy on the way to the airport!)

  1. How wonderful to share these precious memories with you son. It is an anchor to your past and a lifeline for his future. I’m sure these beautiful memories will remain with you forever.

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