Why I Love Aveeno Baby

We have used Aveeno wash and lotion with Maxwell since he was a newborn.  These products are gentle enough for everyday use on baby’s sensitive skin. Max had super sensitive skin as a newborn, and easily got rashes on his tummy, but Aveeno Baby would always quickly sooth his new skin.

With a new baby on the way, I was really happy to discover these wipes from @AveenoUS. Aveeno Baby is pediatrician recommended. We have used Aveeno products for years,, and now I can take these these wipes wherever we go (and occasionally use a few myself!)

Aveeno wash, soothing lotion, and wipes are part of Maxwell’s every day routine, and we will be using them in a few more months with Maxwell’s new baby sister on the way. Aveeno products are formulated with oats, known for its soothing properties, and perfect for sensitive skin. It’s so nice to find a brand I trust. Thank you to @AveenoUS for these samples!

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