Beach Day with Maxwell Jay

With all of the excitement of a new baby around the house, things are pretty crazy. Before Miss Mila came Max and I would do our own little trips to Disney, picking pumpkins or the waterpark, and I want to make sure that he still feels every bit as special as he is to his momma, so this week we spent the day at Cocoa Beach with the help of Nana and Grandpa.

Despite the fact that we do live less than an hour from the ocean in Florida, Max hadn’t been to the beach since our family vacation to the Bahamas in August.

He played so hard all day that he was asleep before his head hit the pillow. He was obsessed with trying to “surf” on his mini boogie board, using his squirt gun, and running around playing a game of crab tag with mommy on the beach. In hindsight I realize us running around pretending to be crabs pinching each other playfully might not be the most well thought out idea I’ve ever had as a mom, but we both had fun anyway.

Even though my kids are right there with me every day, it’s funny how sometimes I can still miss them somehow. I’m absolutely exhausted right now with a new baby at home and could probably sleep for 24 hours straight, but I try to push myself to tackle challenging days like this because I know that time just flies by and I need to stop and make the time to make memories like these. As tired as I may be (and as much as I didn’t want to be in a bathing suit in public at 5 weeks post pardum) it is so worth it when I see this face…

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