A Disney Date

Although I see Max every day, we haven’t had a chance to spend much (if any) alone time together since Mila was born. Max’s daddy has been putting him to bed most nights and hangs out with him in the morning, and I always seem to be busy breastfeeding Miss Mila.

Walt Disney World has always been one of my favorite places. Growing up in Pennsylvania, we would take at least one road trip each year to Disney, so it has always felt like family and a home away from home for me. I was even “a close personal friend of Pluto” (aka, a character performer) at the parks in the Disney College Program, and it was one of the reasons that ultimately drove me to move to the Orlando area after law school.

So when I felt the need for some quality alone time with Maxwell, I knew that’s where I wanted to take him. Max’s Nana came over early to watch Mila for half a day and we were off with Fastpasses ready to go.

This visit to the Magic Kingdom was full of firsts.

1. This was our first trip in the parks without a stroller. Max walked more than 5 miles and only said he was tired once.

2. First time Maxwell went to the parks on his own ticket (kids get in free under the age of 3). We have Florida Resident Annual Passes and can go all year long.

3. Maxwell was well behaved all day and held my hand without asking (this never happens!).

4. Max went on his first roller coaster ride on the Barnstormer. He was not a fan and cried whole time. I am hoping that riding Thunder Mountain goes much better later this year.

5. This was the first time Max climbed up the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Adventureland.

6. Most fun of all, this was the first trip to Disney that Max became excited for days in advance. Watching him looming forward to it was so fun, and reminded me of being a little kid again.

Max’s request this week was to go inside Cinderella’s Castle, so I made sure my Prince Charming got his wish…

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