Summertime Life

Life truly hit the fast forward button on us. Somehow our little lady is 6 months old, and our little man about to start school, like, real VPK school… Time is just flying by at record pace these days.

Mila’s new favorite hobbies include pulling hair (and earrings), army crawling, and chewing on teething toys. Miss Mila is eating baby food purée, and little baby puffs, scooting around in her baby walker, and very intently watches everyone eat every single thing they put into their mouth with a fierce intensity. (Makes me think she’s gonna be a foodie some day.) She enjoys being outside and in the water, so this summer we’ve been spending lots of time at the pool, the farmers market, and a few trips to Disney.

Mila has taken to daycare amazingly and is generally happy all the time… unless she has a fever… or is teething… but 90% of the time she wins the award for easiest baby ever. She also sleeps about 11 hours a night, which has helped me immensely due to work/life balance being a little bit off these past few months.

I have projects that need to get done, so unfortunately I can’t pull back right now and have had several work trips too. When my job seems overwhelming these days I count my blessings and just try my best to focus on the joy that these amazing little humans at home. Some days are more challenging than others, but nothing can compete with Max’s and Mila’s smiles. The crazy times at work have also taken me away from blogging as much as I’d like- it is something I really enjoy doing and miss terribly…

Max continues to be a very proud of his sister and hasn’t shown even a smidge of a signs of being jealous. He still has some wild and crazy moments, but Maxwell has also grown up a ton over the last few months and will be starting VPK in August. I just got his uniforms for school last week, and cannot believe it’s just around the corner.

This weekend we are packing up and getting ready to say bob voyage and will be boarding the Disney Dream for our first Disney Cruise next week! It will be my mom and Max’s first cruise, and Mila’s first trip out of the country, and my first time on a Disney boat, so we are all pretty excited. I forgot how much stuff you have to pack with a baby though (holy crap). I plan to do a post about our Disney cruise experience when we get back, so stay tuned and wish us luck!

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