Maxwell Turns Four

Maxwell turned four this month, and we celebrated by having a monster truck birthday party at Showcase of Citrus in Clermont (linked here). Four seemed to be a perfect age for a zebra painted monster truck school bus ride with friends. That day they got to feed cattle and zebra, and play outside on the swings. Finally, Maxwell even got a chance to drive the truck by himself! I’ve included a few photos of the party below. (For those of you wondering, we had an amazing experience there and I would definitely recommend it for a party or even just a fun afternoon.)

I could say all the cliche things like he’s just growing up too fast, I can’t believe how time flies, or lament “where has my baby gone?!” Each of those would be entirely true. I look at Mila now, and I can’t believe this little man was once that size. Not so long ago, I cradled Max in my arms, rocking him to sleep each night in the gray rocker that once adorned his room. Usually he would be wearing his fuzzy giraffe sleep sack and holding his boppy in his hand (his pacifier with a stuffed animal attached to it, favorite having been the monkey and giraffe, and still used at night on occasion).

But mostly, my heart is full of gratitude and wonder at this young man at get to learn more about every day. When I was talking with my girlfriend last weekend during our annual girls trip, I was telling her how crazy it was that somehow I helped make this little human, and now I can sit and have dinner conversation with him. He will ask things like why the sun moves or how does a car run, and I do my best to explain. I am his guidmap, and he refuses to believe me if I tell him that I don’t know something, which is a sweet compliment somehow. I love that he needs me and looks to me for answers. I don’t take for granted that he wants to hear what I have to say, because someday that will change.

Maxwell, I love to discover what you think about, and listen to your story telling. According to some recent tall tales, you have a boss named Jack, who he lives in the jungle, and he had a party and invited all his friends… (or so you say), and then you offered me five dollars to go pick up your friend Madison and take her to the party with you. You are creative, funny and full of adventure. Yesterday you played hotel and airport, pulling out luggage from the closet and building a check-in desk. Last week on our drive to school you instructed me to take you to the airport to fly to Australia so we could meet some kangaroos…

Best of all, each morning you wake up, the first thing you want to go is give your baby sister a hug, lay her on your tummy to talk to her. You are stubborn and challenging at times, but your loving heart and empathy for others has never wavered. The love you show your baby sister is beautiful. You are fierce and determined, funny and energetic. You are a piece of my heart that lives outside of me. I never thought you would make your way to us through all the years of trying to have babies, and every day is an honor to get to know what an amazing little boy you are (even when you don’t listen, or occasionally pick your nose).

Thank you for being you, and I am so excited to fall even more in love with you more each and every year.

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