Mila May Turns One!

Last month Miss Mila turned one. Her middle name is actually Edison, but I call her Mila May all the time because that’s my grandma’s middle name, and it just suits her.

With all of the Christmas planning, January snuck up on me as did plans for Mila’s birthday party, but I really wanted to do an “at home” celebration for my girl just like I did for Max when he turned one.

Mila has llamas everywhere, so we went with that theme. I got tons of paper flowers that dad helped me poof up for the big day, baked her cupcakes, and spent about 40 hours making her “fancy” cookies. Well, maybe not that long, but it felt like it. My sister is the real chef in the family and I steal all of my good cooking ideas from her, including how to make cookies that look like you’ve ordered them from a bakery (check out her blog “CorkyJane” to check out how to bake cookies like these).

When the big day was finally here, Mila let me take a bunch of photos up stairs in her room where she cutely posed herself and was a great little hostess. She kept her little tule skirt on the whole time and happily greeted everyone. She wasn’t shy at all and loved all the visitors.

Big brother wasn’t jealous at all but was very interested in helping out with the cupcake eating and present opening.

I’m so excited to watch the little lady Mila is becoming. She walks very well now and almost runs (though we had 3 falls in one day recently), and her favorite thing in the world is to make other people laugh and smile with her. She pretends that everything is a telephone, including just her hand, holds it up to her ear and says hi. Mila knows the words dog, cat, all done, hey, arg, uh oh, dada and mommom. She loves trying to crawl up the stairs and laughs at you over her shoulder, and occasionally bites other people’s shoulders too. Above all else, she adores her brother and looks at him with so much love – every time he walks into a room she lights up.

We love you little Mila May, thank you for all the smiles and love you bring us every day.

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