Planning your first trip to Italy

If you are starting to plan your first trip to Italy,  you'll be spending lots of time daydreaming about which cities to visit and where to stay.     Whether you want to visit the romantic Amalfi Coast, Tuscan countryside, Italian lakes, or ancient ruins of Rome, Italy has it all.  As your travel dates get closer, you may … Continue reading Planning your first trip to Italy

Lake Como 101

Quite simply, Lake Como is my favorite place on earth. There is no way words can capture the breathtaking moment when you drive over the pass and gaze down at the sun sparkling off the lake like glitter, gently highlighting an ethereal mist hovering over the valley. You lose count of the warm hued stucco and … Continue reading Lake Como 101

Discovering Street Art

We went on our first family vacation to Italy last summer with our 8 month old Max, so I started the trip with a pretty limited agenda. Somehow we are lucky enough to have the world's happiest baby who was completely content that first day being pushed over the bumpy cobblestones in the Florentine streets, observing hustle and bustle of the tourists, vendors … Continue reading Discovering Street Art

Best Little Dress

I have always been of the opinion that you don't have to break the bank to create a great outfit. Case in point is this fantastic dress that I purchased at Old Navy in June to go on vacation in Tuscany with my husband and baby boy. A friend once told me that some people … Continue reading Best Little Dress